Yorel is a 20-year-old sponsored young man from our Santiago sponsor site in Chile.

Chalice critical needs - Medical treatment for Yorel, ChileHe lives with his mother and his brother in a rented room, sharing a bathroom and kitchen with 15 other families.

Early in July, Yorel injured himself when he fell from his bicycle. Only after persistent and increasing pain did he see a doctor near the end of July. Following an ultrasound it was determined there was tearing and other injuries to his right knee and leg, including a ruptured meniscus. An MRI confirmed that Yorel's leg required surgery. Unfortunately, his family coudln't afford a quick operation in a private clinic and he was put on a waiting list through the public hospital.

Finally, in October he was able to have successful surgery. His rehabilitation and recovery process will be lengthy, with weekly hospital and rehabilitation appointments. Yorel's treatment should last about six months, during which time he must rest at home, only moving with the assistance of crutches for short periods each time. He will not be able to attend school and will require continuous care from his mother, who is the sole provider for the family and will not be able to work during this period. This will place a huge financial burden on the family.

The sponsor site has asked for 2,086.33 to cover the cost of Yorel's crutches, medication, and travel expenses to the hospital, as well as rent and food to help the family live while his mother is off work caring for her son.

Funding Request: $2,086.33
Critical Need: CSS1219A

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need
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