Brian is 16 years old and is sponsored through the Chalice Sponsor Site (Saidia) in Gilgil, Kenya.

Chalice critical needs funding requested for sponsor child Brian in KenyaBrian and his sister were abandoned by their mother in 2007 - his mother has never been located. He was committed to the care of the Saidia Children's Home in Gilgil by the local children's officer. The Chalice sponsor site partners with the children's home.

Brian has a Ventricular Peritoneal Shunt that was inserted at Bethany Kids Kijabe Hospital in 2004, when he was just a toddler. In 2016 he experienced severe headaches and following testing at the same hospital, surgery was required to reposition the shunt to relieve the pressure. At that time Chalice provided financial assistance to cover the cost of the surgery and other associated expenses including some travel to and from the hospital which is over an hour away. He has been fine until recently following his annual checkup, when he started to experience more discomfort.

During a follow-up visit to the doctor, it was determined that the valve along Brian's neck has migrated again. The doctor has thus ordered two more tests to be conducted - an abdominal ultrasound to determine the volume of fluid collected in his abdomen and another head CT scan to determine the position of the shunt and the amount of cerebral fluid in his brain as compared to the last CT scan conducted in 2016.

The cost of the surgery and other associated expenses, including follow-up visits, has been estimated at $812 and these funds are not available through the home. Our sponsor site has come to Chalice to provide funding for these costs.

Funding Request: $812.00
Critical Need: KSG1118

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical needs emergencies that may arise.
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