Funding Request: $2,453.00 CAD

Critical Need:  CNKAS0424

Cecilia is a devoted 72-year-old grandmother and a hardworking subsistence farmer. She tends to her kitchen garden to provide for her three orphaned grandchildren, whom she lovingly cares for in her home in our Asembo sponsor site. She has also been an ardent volunteer for many Chalice programs.

Martin's medical expenses, Meru, Kenya

In 2017, Mama Cecilia underwent hip replacement surgery. Ever since, she has attended periodic hospital visits for check-ups. 

In March 2024, she began experiencing intense pain radiating from her spine. She was taken to the hospital and the orthopedic surgeon conducted a series of investigations. These showed grave complications from her previous hip replacement procedure. The site had become infected and was deteriorating internally. She needed emergency surgery.

They informed Mama Cecilia that they could not delay the surgery beyond two weeks without risking her long-term mobility and independence. Her friends at the Asembo sponsor site are assisting her to schedule the surgery. They will also consult with the specialist to determine the optimal care approach for Cecilia's recovery.

The Asembo site staff have requested $2,453.00 CAD to cover Cecilia’s medical bills associated with the surgery. These funds include her implants (total hip replacement), surgeon and theatre fees, Anesthesiologist, hospital admission, and medication.

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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