Funding Request: $1,602.86 CAD

Critical Need:  CNTMB0124

Halifa is a leader in Chalice’s Mbinga sponsor site, which covers many smaller locations in southern Tanzania. In addition to being a dedicated staff member, he is a father of four young childrenHis wife is a homemaker, so he is the sole bread winner. Their youngest daughter also has medical challenges, and her medication is expensive.

Halifa’s medical expenses, Mbinga, Tanzania

Two years ago, Halifa started having severe abdomen pain and seasonal headache and went to a hospital in Dar Es Salaam for a diagnosis. He was diagnosed with stomach bile reflux which was starting to affect the small intestine. He was able to manage the pain with medication and continued routine checkups and treatment.  

By the end of December 2023, the condition deteriorated, and the abdominal pains became more severe. He was admitted to the hospital, where they diagnosed low blood pressure, ulcerative colitis, gastroesophageal reflux, and malaria. He was treated and discharged, but his medical team saw that he needed more specialized outpatient care. They referred him to a specialist clinic, where he will attend biweekly appointments from January to March 2024.

The cost of Halifa’s hospital bill is $1,602.86 CAD and his modest salary cannot pay the total cost. He is still weak and has not fully recovered. His Mbinga site colleagues are therefore requesting support as he tries to get his life and his family back on track.

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