Funding Request: $3,534.58 CAD

Critical Need:  CNKMO0124

David has lived with a chronic skin condition of keloids, thick raised scars on his face and jaw, since he was an infant. A new specialist believes there's a way forward for permanent healing.

David’s surgery, Mombasa, Kenya

David was raised by his mother, Saumu, who also supports his three young sisters. Saumu did her best to find odd jobs for an income, but struggles with chronic health conditions, and couldn’t make ends meet.

At one point in his life, David dropped out of school because they couldn’t afford it. He collected scrap metal to earn money to buy food and support his sisters. Social workers from Grandsons of Abraham Rescue centre, which is connected to Chalice’s Mombasa site, met David and brought him to the centre. There, with the support of a Chalice sponsor, he was rehabilitated and completed his education.

David has lived with a chronic skin condition of keloids, thick raised scars on his face and jaw, since he was an infant. In 2019, Chalice donors helped him travel to Nairobi and undergo a grafting procedure to remove the keloids. He also underwent radiotherapy in the capital. After a few follow-up visits, his doctors gave him the all-clear to return home to Mombasa.

However, in mid-2021, the mandibular keloids recurred. This time they grew bigger and more painful than before. They bleed from an open wound that is highly vulnerable to infection. David is in significant pain and discomfort and is also emotionally anguished by the disappointment and the lasting effects on his appearance.

Senior keloid specialist doctors at a hospital in Mombasa have re-examined him, and determined the skin grafting procedure was not successful. The specialists recommended that a second procedure excise the keloids. The treatment will be done in stages involving section removal of the keloids and subsequent radiotherapy, plus steroid injection to allow effective and permanent healing.

The site is requesting $3,534.58 CAD in support from Chalice to take David for the surgery to remove the keloids on his chin, neck and thighs. These funds will cover David’s surgery fees, radiotherapy, medical reviews, nursing care, and steroid injections.

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