Funding Request: $1,012.92 CAD

Critical Need: CNIMA1223B

Gokul is 11 years old and he’s studying in grade six with the support of a Chalice sponsor and the Madurai site. Gokul and his sister live with their mother, Lakshmi, who is raising them alone after the death of her husband. Lakshmi earns daily wages at a hotel.

Gokul's surgery, Madurai, India

In 2019, Gokul underwent surgery for a hernia. All seemed to be well until October 2023, when the telltale symptoms reappeared: abdominal pain and vomiting. His mother took him to the hospital, where the scans confirmed it was a hernia again.

Gokul underwent a second hernia surgery, and his doctors sent him home the following day. He returned for a follow-up after two weeks, and all was healing properly.

But now Lakshmi faces hospital bills of $1,012.92 CAD. This is the equivalent of her wages for more than ten months. The Madurai sponsor site has therefore requested the full amount for Gokul’s emergency treatment. These funds cover charges for his hospital bed, operating theatre, registration, surgeon, food, diagnostic tests and scans, consultations, and medicine.

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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