UTT1018thumbIvan, 25, is the brother of 11-year-old Mariya, a sponsored child at our Ternopil Site in Ukraine.

In late September, while driving home after a night shift working as an unskilled labourer, he was involved in a serious car accident. He was taken by ambulance to hospital with multiple injuries, including a brain hemorrhage, ruptured spleen, bruised liver, broken pelvis, fractures to the hip, and broken vertebrae. He had to undergo immediate abdominal surgery and have his pelvis mobilized. This was followed by surgery for a spinal fusion to replace broken vertebrae. He still has left-side paralysis and he will require further surgery. He is expected to be confined to his bed for at least six months.

This family of six is in a very difficult situation, as medical costs are mounting. They are a low-income family and make their living mostly from their farm. They live in a remote village where jobs are very scarce - the father and oldest son have had some seasonal work in construction. Ivan's mother is unable to work due to a spinal injury she suffered in a car accident and she has also had a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with cancer. One of the sons suffers from osteomyelitis which affects his left hip and tibia, and he requires expensive medications.

To help manage the medical costs to-date for Ivan, the family has been forced to sell all their farm animals - chickens, ducks, pigs, two cows - as well as their harvested grain and potatoes, to try to cover some of the costs. They have now exhausted their resources and are in desperate need of help to cover the costs of reconstructive surgery and needed plates, costing $4,647.

Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice to provide the family with the resources to cover the treatments.

Funding request: $4,647.00
Critical Need: UTT1018

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Please note that any donations the exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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