Brother Solomon, 49, is a member of St. Charles Lwanga Congregation in Kakamega, Kenya.

Chalice Critical Needs - Medical expenses for Brother Solomon, KenyaHe works closely with the Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna in our Asembo Sponsor Site. His elderly widowed mother and two sisters live in poverty.

Brother Solomon collapsed while doing what he loves best, milking the cows to feed poor children in the community. Upon waking, he found it very difficult to breathe and complained of intense chest pains and backache. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and doctors found that he had cardiac failure and explained his artery was so dilated that it could burst at any time, leading to internal bleeding and a quick death. He was taken to Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Nairobi and required emergency surgery.

Brother Solomon has been with the congregation for 20 years, and has been one of the most dedicated to service. Having grown up in abject poverty, Brother Solomon felt that he was called to serve the poor. He has continued to live and serve in poverty, and opted to study social work so he could work among the poor. He is well known in the sprawling Kibera slums in Nairobi, where he has lived and served the poor for many years. Brother Solomon has a gift with counseling young people and has been known to nurture skills that help young people towards leadership.

The congregation already has some money to go towards his hospital bills, and expects to raise money in the community to support his recovery, given Brother Solomon's high regard. The Sisters' request to Chalice is to cover the cost of his surgery, which is $6,643.63

Funding Request: $6,643.63
Critical Need: KAK0419

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Critical Need emergencies that may arise.

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