Funding Request:$2,933.26 CAD
Critical Need: CN KAM0723

Benedeta is an elderly community member in a village where Chalice-supported families live. Members of Chalice family circles know their kindly neighbour and the three children she cares for. She became their guardian after their father, her nephew, passed away.

Medical expenses for Benedeta, Asembo, Kenya

Benedeta, now 70, has a history of eye troubles, and underwent surgery about 20 years ago. Her eye issues resurfaced in January 2023. She has partial blindness in one eye, and the other eye is quite strained. She experiences sharp pain whenever exposed to cold temperatures, which causes headaches.

She went to an ophthalmologist, who recognized the urgency of her situation and recommended immediate surgery. They expressed concerns that if left untreated, the infection could potentially spread and lead to more severe complications. 

Chalice-supported community members heard of her situation and knew that the elderly widow would not be able to afford medical treatment. They brought their concern to their Asembo site social workers. The site staff followed up and agreed that Benedeta’s situation is of urgent concern. Not only is her long-term health and vision at stake, so is her ability to care for three children.

The site staff have created a plan to assist Benedeta through her treatment and recovery. In the short-term, they will support her to get the surgery and treatment she needs. This may include helping with appointment scheduling, transportation to medical facilities, and any administrative or financial support they may need. They will also arrange for her to receive nutrition counselling.

In the long term, the site team will ensure Benedeta receives a weekly follow-up with the nutritionist, economic empowerment, and social work team.

The Asembo staff created a budget for Benedeta’s treatment, which is $2,933.26 CAD. This includes transportation to the hospital, consultations, lab investigations and imaging, surgery, post-op treatment, and medication. It also includes Benedeta’s meals and food for the three children while she is hospitalized. 

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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