Funding Request:$2,084.78 CAD
Critical Need:  CN KAO0723

Richard lives with his daughter and three grandchildren in a little village near our Asembo sponsor site. He is 55, a widower, and supports his family as a subsistence farmer. Richard’s eldest grandchild, Dennis, is studying in grade two with the support of Chalice sponsor.

Medical expenses for Richard, Asembo, Kenya

In 2016, he was working on the farm and scratched his left leg. He thought little of it at the time, but the wound did not heal properly. It grew infected and inflamed. In the seven years since the initial cut, it has never healed, and the Asembo sponsor site staff have urged Richard to seek medical treatment before the wound results in an amputation.

In the short-term, the site team will ensure Richard gets the necessary treatment to save his foot. They will also provide the family with a food basket and arrange for a nutritionist to counsel him and his family about the importance of his diet on the road to recovery.

In the long-term, the site will implement a weekly follow-up system involving a nutritionist and a dedicated social work team. 

The budget for Richard’s treatment is $2,084.78 CAD. This includes all his hospital expenses such as pharmacy, medical consultations, lab investigations, surgery and nursing and a walking aid. The budget also includes the hamper of staple foods for Richard and his family, which includes a 40kg bag of maize, cooking oil, 25 kg of rice, and vegetables. 

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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