Funding Request:$1,230.82 CAD
Critical Need: CN IBB0723

Sharadha is a mother of four and supports her family as a housekeeper. Her husband Murali is a driver. Their grandmother lives with them, bringing the household total to seven They are grateful that their daughter Shailu is studying in fifth grade with the support of a Chalice sponsor.

Medical expenses for Shardha, Bangalore, India

Sharadha started feeling pain in her back and lower limbs. By May 2023, the pain was so severe she couldn’t walk. Her family took her to the hospital for an X-ray. She was diagnosed with a disc bulge in her lower lumbar spine as well as nerve root compression.

Her doctors recommended immediate decompression and spinal corrective surgeries. She was admitted shortly thereafter, underwent the operations, and hospitalized for four days. Upon discharge, her doctors gave her medication and asked her to come for a follow-up in a month. 

Sharadha’s hospital bills came to $1,230.82 CAD. This is far more than Murali, currently the sole breadwinner, can afford on top of his family’s daily needs.

Sharadha brought her critical concern to her Chalice family circle group. Her peers reviewed her documents and passed everything along to the Bangalore sponsor site staff.

Knowing her family's financial situation, the site staff have put forward a request to cover Sharadha’s expenses. These funds will cover her X-rays, orthopedist consultation, medication and all hospital charges related to her clinical labs, surgeon, nursing and operating theatre.

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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