Funding Request:$2,618.79 CAD
Critical Need:  CN HHS0723 

Mrs. Milot is a 68-year-old widowed mother living near our Haiti South sponsor site, in the south-western tip of the island. One of her three adult children, Marie, is an accountant at our sponsor site office. 

Medical expenses for Milot, Haiti

Last year, Chalice supporters generously helped Mrs. Milot buy medication and injections she needs to manage her severe osteoarthritis pain. One of her daughters has helped to care for her, manage her funds, and ensure she is able to follow her doctor’s orders well.  

In April 2023, she went to the clinic for a regular checkup, and told the doctor she’s been having more joint pain and dizziness. Her doctor assessed that her heart health has severely deteriorated. He advised her to return monthly for evaluations and adjusting medication as needed.

Her daughter Marie and the Haiti South team created a budget for one further year of support for Mrs. Milot’s follow-ups and medication for 12 months. Including the medication and appointments she has had since her last Chalice assistance; the budget comes to $2,618.79 CAD.

Marie and her family cannot afford their mother’s care. On the family’s behalf, the Haiti South site staff have requested another year of financial assistance to keep Mrs. Milot as healthy and comfortable as possible. 

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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