Olesya is 15 years old and has been blessed to have a Chalice sponsor since 2016. She lives with her mother, Olha, grandmother Myroslava, and three younger sisters.

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Sarojamma, Bangalore, India

During her check-up last year, Olesya’s dentist diagnosed her with TMD, a dysfunction of the jaw joint that can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Because it affects her bite and chewing, it can also lead to enamel damage and make her prone to dental caries and chips.

Olesya will need braces to correct this dysfunction and promote better development in her teeth and jaw. But the orthodontics cost $1,465.86 CAD. As the sole breadwinner for both her elderly mother and her four children, Olha is not able to afford this amount.

She approached the Ternopil sponsor site staff for advice and assistance. Upon reviewing the situation, they have put forward a request to pay for Olesya’s braces.

Funding Request: $1,465.86 CAD

Critical Need: CN UTT0323

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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