Richard is 19 years old and the eldest of three siblings. With the support of his Chalice sponsor and the Bulacan sponsor site, he is currently enrolled in his second year of university.

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Sarojamma, Bangalore, India

Richard’s journey began in early September 2022 with a high fever. His temperature didn’t come down, so he went to consult a doctor. He was then admitted to the general hospital for further diagnostic tests and imaging. His doctors reviewed the tests and diagnosed Richard with Encephalopathy likely secondary to sepsis (cause unknown) and meningitis.

He was put into Intensive Care for six days before being moved to another ward for another six. After treatment, another scan showed an abscess in his brain. His medical team put him on another course of IV antibiotics, among many other medications.

After 17 days, they discharged Richard to continue to heal at home. He followed up a few weeks later to review another CT scan. It showed the abscess had grown, and the neurosurgeon advised to Richard to expect surgery in the coming weeks.

Richard’s family wanted him to receive the best care, but also knew that the treatment at this hospital was not fully publicly funded. They helped him transfer to a government hospital, where he continued treatment.

Fortunately, subsequent scans indicated the abscess was shrinking. Richard was feeling better and received discharge in late November. His doctor predicted that he would be finished with the medication by the end of 2022. He attended follow-ups every two weeks and continued the CT scans to monitor the abscess.

Richard and his family are thrilled and relieved that he is improving and may not need surgery after all. But his weeks at the first general hospital, as anticipated, generated bills amounting to $7,352.59 CAD. This is an insurmountable sum for their family – to the point that they could lose their home if they try to repay it without assistance. Richard’s mother is the only breadwinner for the family because his father is also unwell.

The Bulacan site staff have therefore requested the full amount of Richard’s hospital bills

Funding Request: $ 7,352.59 CAD

Critical Need: CN PBB023

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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