Mario is a 45-year-old father and husband working in the community around our Tondo sponsor site in Manila. His son, Mario Jr, is blessed with a Chalice sponsor. 

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Sarojamma, Bangalore, India

In January 2021, Mario Sr started feeling numb in his right extremities. He went to several doctors throughout the year. These doctors suspected Mario had had a stroke and prescribed him medication.

In late October, his family brought him to the clinic for a CT scan. The scan showed a mass, and he needed an MRI of his cervical spine. Through the MRI results, a team of specialists diagnosed Mario Sr with an intramedullary cord tumor – a spinal tumour in the interconnecting cells of the spinal cord. 

Mario Sr needed surgery immediately to remove the tumor tissue. This also involves removing part of the bone on three of Mario’s vertebrae. He will need extensive physiotherapy in the following months.

The specialist who diagnosed Mario offered an estimate for his surgery that amounts to $8,303.45 CAD. Prior to his illness, Mario was the breadwinner for his family. Now his wife is trying to support the family with her wages as a warehouse worker. The estimate for Mario’s surgery is more than she could earn in three years at her current wages.

If left untreated, Mario will be paralyzed. The Tondo sponsor site staff have therefore requested the full amount of his surgery on the family’s behalf.

Funding Request: $8,303.45 CAD
Critical Need: CN PTT0123

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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