Many children who are sponsored through our Chiclayo site live in a community called Lambayeque. In the past few years, the area has experienced more frequent storms with gusting winds, high temperatures, and heavy rains that flood the river.

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The families are too financially vulnerable to make repairs or make improvements to their houses. As a result, their homes constantly flood and are damaged when it rains. The site workers fear worse will happen when they have stronger rains and El niño Rains, which are recurrent weather events for them.

While making routine home visits to the sponsored children, the Chiclayo staff saw that some of the families’ houses were in such poor condition they would never withstand another weather event. The are made of cardboard, poor quality fibre cement, and other insufficient materials. Not only are they inadequate in the elements, but they are also very difficult to keep clean and free of rodents. The houses are constant health hazards.

After all their visits, the site staff categorized 12 families as acutely vulnerable. They prioritized the houses at most risk in the event of a storm. They also considered whether the household included vulnerable people such as babies, pregnant women, seniors, or large families. 11 have between one and three sponsored children, and one family has a child awaiting a sponsor. In total, 24 sponsored children live in these households.

The Chiclayo site has created a project to carry out the necessary repairs to these 12 houses to make them secure against future weather events and make them safer for daily living. The staff will work with a civil engineer to survey the area and recommend the nature of repairs each house needs, and what specific materials to buy. The staff will work with the families to buy what the engineer recommends and maintain their budget. They will hire a bricklayer and welder on a temporary basis to help the families carry out the labour. The staff will hold progress meetings after 90 days to ensure each project is completed or on track.

The total budget to repair 12 houses is $25,456.98 CAD. This includes all the construction materials each family has been advised to buy, which generally includes masonry, metal beams, drainage, and wiring. Each family’s budget comes to approximately $1900 CAD. The remainder of the total budget goes towards the compensation for the civil engineer for three months, and the temporary assistance of the welder and bricklayer.

Funding Request: $25,456.98 CAD
Critical Need: CN PCC1122

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