Marian is eight years old and lives with his family and is blessed with a Chalice sponsor through our Lviv site in Ukraine.

ULL1022largeMarian was born prematurely and had a complicated delivery. His brain hemorrhaged at birth, and so he has grown up with hydrocephalus, in which fluids build up and cause pressure points on his brain.

Marian's condition affected several areas of his early physical development, including hearing loss. His parents are determined not to let his developmental disabilities hold him back from succeeding, and place him in therapy programs to build up his physical, communication, and social abilities. At this critical time in his linguistic acquisition, Marian needs hearing aids. They will not only allow him to hear, but will greatly improve his speech development.

But the hearing aids come at a price of $2,850.61 CAD. Marian's father is the family's sole breadwinner because his mother must provide her sons' full-time care. The family must pay for his treatments, therapies, and consultations on a mechanic's small salary. Therefore, the Lviv sponsor site has requested to buy hearing aids for Marian and his family.

Funding Request: $2,850.61 CAD
Critical Need: CN ULL1022

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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