Oleksandr is 14 years old and is sponsored through our Chalice sponsor site in Ternopil, Ukraine.
Chalice Critical Needs medical expenses for sponsored child Oleksandr in UkraineAt the age of eight he was diagnosed with scoliosis (deformation of the spine). As he became older the condition worsened, resulting in considerable pain and deformity. One of his ribcages became higher than the other and this distortion of the ribcage affected his lung function, causing him breathing problems and an increased heart rate. Doctors said that the only solution was surgery.

Oleksandr's father has passed away. The cost of the surgery was more than the single mother of two could afford on her part-time kindergarten teacher's salary. The village got together and eventually were able to raise the money so that Oleksandr could have this complicated operation. The surgery was successful and has alleviated much of the discomfort, and achieved significant esthetic and orthopedic effect. He is able to walk straight now and he is happy that he looks different and does not suffer from pain. However, he will require costly post-operative rehabilitation therapy to recuperate and maximize the impact of the surgery. The cost for the 20-day therapy treatment will be $3,898.

As mentioned, his mother has a limited income and struggles to provide for the basic needs of her two boys, such as food and utilities. The family has no extended family with the resources to cover the treatments and help young Oleksandr.

Funding Request: $3,989.00
Critical Need: UTT0319

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Critical Need emergencies that may arise.
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