Patrique is a teacher and father of three but has been off work for five years due to chronic metabolic disease.

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses for Bishnu, Assam, India

With his wife Marie Mafie by his side, he has been pursuing treatment with several doctors in that time, exhausting their savings. They have been very grateful for their son Emmanuelo’s Chalice sponsor who has supported their family’s nutrition and school fees throughout this time.

In a recent appointment with the Haiti South site’s trusted clinic, Patrique (51) was diagnosed with a toe wound, a urinary tract infection and a painful urinary condition, which will need follow-up every two months. As Marie Mafie was listening to the doctor explain the seriousness of her husband's illness, she already knew she could not continue to support her husband with the necessary care.

She approached the Haiti South sponsor site office, and together they made a treatment plan and budget for Patrique. This will cover his medication and hospital expenses, and the site will also offer nutrition support for the whole family, as Patrique and Marie Mafie are struggling with food insecurity.

The budget amounts to $1,332.14 CAD, which covers reimbursement for Patrique’s treatment and medication to date and five follow-up appointments - two follow-ups during the first month then one follow-up every two months. This budget also includes the monthly food supplement and transportation costs to appointments.

Funding Request:
$1,332.14 CAD
Critical Need: CN HHS0722

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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