Project Location: Arica, Chile
Project Code: CAA0921

Background: Chalice has partnered with the NGO Corp de Proyectos Solidarios Caliz (Chalice Solidarity Projects Corp) since 2012. Our site oversees the care of both children and elders in the sponsorship program

Chalice community projects - Holistic health in mind, body, and spirit for elders, ChileFamilies in this northern city face high unemployment and frequent water access or safety concerns.

The site staff work with men and women who are 60 years of age and older, living in different neighbourhoods of Arica. The elders face several challenges, including physical health conditions, lack of social opportunities and networks, and very limited financial means. Their families and caregivers are not able to provide the holistic support the elder needs for their physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. The families also struggle to afford renovations and adaptive devices to make their homes safer for their aging loved ones.

To address these multifaceted concerns for the elders' health, the Arica site has created a two-year program to provide comprehensive health support services for 45 sponsored and 15 non-sponsored elders in Arica. The site has created a multidisciplinary team comprised of an occupational therapist, nurse, psychologist, Chalice fieldworker, and a social worker. This team will visit the homes of each of the elders and conduct assessments and create individualized treatment plans, following all of Chile's coronavirus regulations.

These plans will vary based on need, but could include in-home evaluations and diagnostic tests, rehabilitation, emotional care, arranging and/or accompanying to doctors' appointments and securing medications. Where necessary, the medical team will equip the elders' homes with mobility supports such as wall-mounted bars in the washrooms. The program will also connect the elders with social networks, and the professional team will journey with them in a spirit of friendship and accompaniment. The multidisciplinary team will also provide information and training to 40 people who are a caregiver for an elder. Lastly, each of the elders will receive a hamper of staple grocery supplies.

The site's main objective is to guarantee that the elders' care and well-being is being addressed and provided on a holistic level and lift them out of some of the areas where they have become most vulnerable. Through surveys and check-ins, they hope to see that the elders and their caregivers are feeling happier, more socially connected, have improved mobility, and generally enjoying greater life satisfaction.

The cost of the two-year program is $83,416.09 CAD. This includes the contracted fees of the professional team, PPE and COVID care items, items for occupational and recreational therapy, home safety adaptive installations, and groceries. Your support will mean a sunnier, healthier future for 60 elderly men and women, their 40 caregivers, their families, and their communities.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $83,416.09

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