Project Location: Meru, Kenya
Project Code: KMK0521B

Background: Chalice began working in rural Meru county with the Good Shepherd Sisters in 1999, spanning three regions: Kangeta, Kooje, and Tumaini. Three communities of sponsored children live in the Kangeta region, a network of rural villages spread widely across a semi-arid landscape.

KMK0521BlargeMost of the families are low-income earners who experience poverty due to erratic rains that threaten their agricultural livelihood.

The main healthcare facility for these families is the St. Joseph Dispensary. Far from urban centres, few of the families can access hospitals, and without an ambulance, cannot be reached by medical professionals in an emergency. Instead, the hospital must hire vehicles to transport patients, which is a high cost each time, and roads are in poor condition. In times of drought and food insecurity, families choose to stay at home rather than go to the clinic or hospital. The doctors often only see them once the condition is severe. As a result, the families have experienced losses that could have been prevented if they had had access to healthcare facilities in their community.

Pregnant mothers are especially at risk. The majority are delivering at home or enroute to the hospital, without medical professionals with them. Tragically, rates of maternal and infant mortality are high.

Therefore, the Meru sponsor site, in collaboration with the St. Joseph Dispensary, have requested an ambulance for their region. Reliable transport would mean medication, specialists and mobile clinic facilities would reach the rural communities in both critical situations and mobile outreach programs.

The cost of an ambulance is $88,939.35 CAD. This cost is not only the vehicle, but fully equipping it as a mobile medical unit, with items such as stretchers, first aid supplies, oxygen, IV's and monitors. St. Joseph Dispensary will take on the responsibility for maintaining the vehicle. This vehicle will be a great blessing to the 550 sponsored children in the area, and another (estimated) 2,450 people who aren't connected with the sponsorship program.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $88,939.35 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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