Project Location:
Haiti South
Project Code: HHS0921

Background: Chalice has been working in the communities on Haiti's southern tip since 2000, currently partnering with Missionaries of the Annunciation - Sowers of Hope, a Catholic organization led by a religious Sister and staffed by religious brothers and lay associates.

HHS0921largecpThe Haiti South sponsor site is a close-knit community strengthened through parents and guardians of sponsored children who are united in prayer and common beliefs.

One of the central priorities of the chaplain and the congregation's spiritual leaders is to build faith-based solidarity within each of the 56 Chalice family circles so that parents feel supported in their struggles, and, in turn, support others.

The chaplain, the site director Br. Marcelin, and their team at the Haiti South site have created a year-long "train the trainer" style program, in which the parents in the family circles will receive adult faith formation and training to become catechists. The parents will then go out to schools in the five communities to teach programs including first Holy Communion and Confirmation preparation, and age-appropriate formation from pre-schoolers to adults. The adults will receive lay formation, choir rehearsals, and teacher training contingent on their level of previous experience as catechists.

Through this program, the parents and guardians in the family circles will continue to grow in their Christian faith, which they draw on for strength during the many daily challenges they experience in the tumultous times Haiti is facing on a national scale. They will in turn share this great love with the children across the five communities where Chalice works, bringing Jesus' light of hope to the children.

The cost of this12-month program, which encompasses both the adult and youth formation classes, is $36,120.42 CAD. This includes facilitators' fees, teaching materials, and visual teaching aids, snacks for participants, an allowance for transportation and fuel costs. Through it, a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and a greater love of discipleship will reach 1430 sponsored children, and their cumulative 1188 family members.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $36,120.42 CAD

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