Project Location: Haiti South
Project Code: HHS0521A

Background: Chalice has been working in the communities on Haiti's southern tip since 2000, currently partnering with Missionaries of the Annunciation - Sowers of Hope, an organization led by a religious Sister and staffed by religious brothers and lay associates. They work in five communities, including the rural and mountainous community of Prévilé. Most of the sponsored children in Prévilé attend St. Pierre School.

Chalice community projects - Community egg-laying barn, Haiti SouthThe earthquake in August 2021 brought significant destruction to many buildings in Prévilé, but fortunately St. Pierre School is undamaged. The school's student population, which ranges from 900-1200, is set to return to classes in October.

Even before the earthquake, the families and youth were facing serious economic challenges. Significant political upheaval, a contracting economy and the pandemic caused the price of essentials such as food and gas, to skyrocket. As a result, many children rely on the school's daily lunch program supported by Chalice's nutrition program, but the demand is outweighing what the school can supply. In partnership with the Haiti South sponsor site, they have created a plan that will supplement both the diets of the children and the incomes of the parents.

This project will build a poultry barn for 200 laying hens on parish land. The laying barn will be managed jointly by a group of parents of sponsored children and the parish council. A local agronomist and veterinary technician will train the parents in care and cultivation of egg-laying hens. The parents will then become the primary egg vendor to St. Pierre's school lunch program, and they will be able to sell any excess eggs to the local market as a business. The site staff have developed a business plan for the parents' group.

The 200 laying hens are anticipated to lay approximately 25 eggs each, per month, generating 5000 as a monthly total. The site plans to reinvest in the barn and increase the number of layers by more than double in the first year, with an aim to be producing 11,250 eggs per month.

To achieve this ambitious project, the Haiti South site requires $77,815.90 CAD. This includes the cost of the barn construction and water tower, the equipment needed for the hens (feeding and watering, etc.), the laying hens, veterinary services, hen feed, and the professional assistance of the local agronomist.

This initiative will not only benefit the 228 sponsored children in Prévilé and their 223 family members, but will improve the nutrition and financial self-reliance of 130,000 community members across 11 communities.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $77,815.90 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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