Project Location: Haiti North
Project Code: HHN0821

Background: Chalice sponsorship began in the communities of Terrier-Rouge and Grand-Bassin in 2002. Each sponsored child has a parent or other guardian who manages the child’s sponsorship funds, as per Chalice’s family funding sponsorship model. As well, each guardian is involved in one of 53 Chalice family circles, a small group of fellow guardians and Chalice staff.

Chalice community projects - Leadership and financial management training, Haiti NorthEach month, the guardians meet with their family circle to disclose their budget for the upcoming month and report back to the group on their expenditures from their sponsorship funds for the previous month.

The Haiti North site staff have seen great success among the parents in the family circle groups. The families are prioritizing their funds well, focusing on education and food for their children. Learning to create savings helps them to be more resilient when faced with unexpected emergency costs. This has been especially critical during the past year, as political upheaval, disaster, and a contracting economy has caused the cost of food, gas, and other basics to skyrocket.

This project will provide a five-day intensive financial literacy training workshop for family circle leaders, giving them greater knowledge and confidence to manage their financial resources and set goals to reduce their poverty levels. A professional trainer will deliver the workshop, covering topics including group governance, members’ responsibilities, savings policies, funds management and credit processes. Each day will open in prayer, and participants will engage in activities and scenarios. A daily snack and lunch will also be provided.

At the end of the week, the participating parents will receive a certificate of completion. They will then return to their own family circle to put what they learned about leadership and management into practice, and to share all their new financial literacy knowledge and skills with their fellow guardians. This “train the trainer” approach encourages and supports leadership by highly engaged parents.

In total, 1505 family members will benefit from this initiative, which builds upon the success of the family funding model within the Haiti North communities by providing more information resources, new skills, and encouraging more income-generating activities.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $9,267.52 CAD

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