Project Location: Chiclayo, Peru
Project Type: Education

Background: Chalice has partnered with the Centro Esperanza (Hope Centre) since 2004. It is a community-based organization that focuses on the empowerment of families by providing workshops for children and mothers. Through after-school support programming, youth leadership clubs and entrepreneurship training for mothers, Chiclayo site is building the groundwork for confident, self-reliant children and families. The COVID-19 pandemic has gravely affected Peru nationally.

Chalice community projects - Support for accessing school online, PeruThe government closed all schools to in-person learning, and all schooling moved to online platforms. But this assumed that the children had access to a computer or tablet and an internet connection. Many families living in poverty, like those in the sponsorship program, did not have this technology or the means to buy it. These children are excluded from their classes and the programs available through the Chiclayo site.

This project will give 60 families a tablet computer, allowing 106 children to access their online classes and the Chiclayo site's programming. The tablets will come with a chip installed that has credit for internet data, enough for three months of use. Site staff will assist parents to top up that credit after the fourth month. Through this project, staff will train the children on how to properly use the tablets to access their virtual classrooms and meeting spaces. All the families are already participating in one of Chiclayo site's programs, which are age specific after-school "gatherings" for activities and social interaction.

The cost for the devices, internet cred and the training is $18,124 CAD. Through this, 60 sponsored children and 46 of their non-sponsored siblings will have the opportunity to keep up with their online learning. They will not have to miss out on the community support and social time the site's online programs offer.

Budget in Canadian funds: $18,124.00

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