Project Location: Gilgil, Kenya
Project Type: Education, Community Development

Background: Since 2008, Chalice has been running the sponsorship program in Gilgil, in partnership with the Saidia Home for vulnerable children. The program includes children from the surrounding rural communities and the urban neighbourhoods.

Chalice community projects - Improvements to Njeru School, Gilgil, KenyaThe Saidia sponsor site currently provides a daily hot lunch in all three area schools, one of which is the Njeru Primary School.

In 2012, Saidia site began working with Njeru Primary School, and established a school feeding program in 2014.

Since that time, enrollment has tripled and of the 143 families whose children attend Njeru Primary School, 116 have at least one Chalice sponsored child. The school has had many graduates go on to national secondary schools, a mark of achievement for Kenyan primaries.

Although the school is surrounded by a lush scenic geographical environment, the school administration has a difficult time hiring and retaining qualified teachers due to the school's deplorable working conditions, lack of comfortable living accommodation, banks, and medical facilities.

"The classrooms are dilapidated, dark, and with earthen floors," describes the Saidia staff. Two of the classrooms have been unsafe for use at all, the kitchen facilities areKSG0620Clarge4 inadequate, and the pit latrines are dilapidated."

Njeru Primary School and the community it serves will greatly benefit from a significant renovation and new construction. In the first year, they will construct a block of six new classrooms - four to accommodate current students, one for a computer lab and one for adult learning. They will erect a 40,000 litre water tower, and a block of small apartment-style accommodations for up to 13 teachers.

In the second year, they will demolish the current kitchen facility and construct a multipurpose hall which will be used for the meal program, community meetings, and events. They will also construct and/or remodel four classrooms and a staff washroom.

In the final year, they will construct an administration block with a library study area for both children and community members, as well as tear down the existing staff washroom facilities and install new ones. They will also construct a workshop area where they can conduct training sessions.

Chalice community projects - Improvements to Njeru School, Gilgil, KenyaThrough this initiative, Njeru Primary School will transform into "a modern school with the aim of attracting teachers, providing a safe environment for the children to learn, a healthy cooking and eating facility, a library for books in this rural setting," writes the staff, "and finally, to improve the literacy levels of the Njeru community (both children and parents)."

The total cost for this major undertaking is $563,272.00 CAD.

Funding Request: $563,272.00 CAD
Project Code: KSG0620C

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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