Project Location: Chiclayo, Peru
Project Type: Education
Project Code: PCC1220

Background: Chalice has partnered with the Hope Centre (Centro Esperanza) in Chiclayo, Peru since 2004.

Chalice community projects - Families as development promoters of the community The impressive Centro staff run the sponsorship program, providing children from impoverished families and vulnerable seniors the support they need to thrive and live with dignity. Their work reaches more than 700 people and their communities, including 435 sponsored children.

The Centro battles some persistent social issues in Peru. There are high drop-out rates in school because the children's circumstances push them to find work. In the communities where Chalice works, families struggle with unemployment because most jobs require post-secondary degrees, but university is prohibitively expensive. The families Chalice and the Centro work with face high rates of both criminal and domestic violence.

The work of the Centro Esperanza is crucial to keeping kids in school. The programming and support network they provide to children, teens, and adults creates stronger students and more united families. Their programs and workshops are focused on ending domestic violence and increasing opportunities for parents to become entrepreneurs and improve their family's income. They also provide academic support to children and teens, while also building social bonds. A sense of connection among the families is a solid foundation for a healthy community.

The Centro's plans for the next three years are as ambitious as ever. The roster of programs will reach all ages and target the greatest social challenges in their communities, including:

1. The Neighborhood School: a program for 100 boys and girls aged 8-11, which will support the children at home and in school. The staff will create programs to improve academic performance and confidence by providing extra help with academics and extracurricular activities. They also provide conflict resolution training and life skills. The school also provides activities to help children grow while having fun, like arts and crafts, sports, and community projects.

2. The Family School Program will empower women and strengthen families in respect to their relationships and finances. It will create a network of 65 committed female community leaders to act as educators and promoters of healthy families and good citizenship. The school will cover topics including personal and family development, economic planning and management, small business entrepreneurship, and communication.

3. The GROW program will create a "Teen Network" of 60 youth aged 12-15. The network will create opportunities for the young people to form leadership abilities, engage in community development projects, care for the environment, and learn new skills. The Centro team has designed the program so that when the youth 'graduate' they will have grown into confident, community-minded, and motivated young men and women. The staff run activities including leadership, arts, sports, and environmental awareness. The GROW program also provides extra help with the teens' schoolwork in reading and math.

These three vital personal development programs will run until December 2023. Through them, Centro Esperanza will work with 255 women, teens and children annually, who in turn will make positive impacts on their own families, creating sustainable improvement for their communities. Through their participation, 2860 people will experience the ripple effects of Centro's work for many years to come.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $147,614.41

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