The province of Northern Samar is one of the poorest in the Philippines, with an average of six children in the family and typically one income-earner.

Chalice children nutritin - Samar, Philippines

Rates of malnutrition are high, especially in elementary-aged children. This leads to poor performance in school and frequent illness.

When the Samar sponsor site began its school meal program in 2017, almost 25% of the students were underweight and malnourished. Within two months, that number had already plummeted to 6%.

Now 430 children receive a hearty lunch every weekday, and breakfast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The meals are meticulously planned and incorporate a wide variety of proteins, vegetables and fruit.Some children also receive a nutrition-boost drink.

As an added benefit, much of the food is purchased from parent-run small businesses that began through the Chalice gift catalogue. These include chicken and hog-raising, egg production and a bakery.So “aside from buying safe, fresh and fair-priced products, we were also able to encourage families to be more productive,” writes the site staff.

When schools closed in March 2020, the Samar staff knew that the children would not have adequate meals at home. The government food relief was largely canned goods and instant noodles. A hard-working team continued to prepare five lunches and three breakfasts for each child each week, delivering them to community drop-off points.

“The site is deeply grateful with the outpouring love and support of our generous sponsors," writes Maricel, the site director. “You are the fuel of our vessel. You keep us moving, you keep us fighting! We're in this together!”

This year the Samar site needs $40,000 to continue their meal program. This will ensure that the children will remain healthy, energetic and performing well in their studies. It will also support their family’s businesses and uplift the entire Laoang community.

Funding Request: $40,000

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other nutrition programs that need funding. 

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