Project Location: West Asembo, Kenya
Project Type: Community Improvement
Project Code: KAA1020

Background: The Chalice sponsor site in Asembo, Kenya was formed in 2011 and is currently managed by Franciscan Sisters of Lwak community.

Chalice community projects - tractor for Asembo community in KenyaIt is one of the poorest areas - heavily reliant on agriculture, which is negatively impacted by low and unpredictable rainfalls year-round. There are many orphaned and vulnerable children due to the high exposure to HIV/AIDS and malaria.

Most families can barely meet their most basic needs. Food, medical care, good shelter, and education for their children are difficult to obtain. Projects and programs that improve agricultural production are life-saving because they provide food security as well as the opportunity to earn extra income from the sale of surplus products.

This project will purchase a community tractor to improve food security for the Asembo community through food production. Highly dependent on agriculture as the major source of food and income, most people still till the land manually with a hand hoe, which limits their productivity. Private tractors are unaffordable which means the elders and physically weaker members of the communities suffer the most as they are unable to till enough land to grow enough food to survive. Most people use only one-third or less of their total land, and with a tractor they would increase their production by over 100%, thus increasing their ability to be food secure all through the year.

In addition, the community tractor will be managed by the Aminika youth group which is made up of older Chalice sponsored children who have completed high school but have been unable to find work. The group members are currently engaged in small scale farming with their parents and guardians. The tractor will be equipped with a plough, mobile water tank and a trailer, and the youth group will charge a small fee to provide ploughing, transportation of bulky materials and distribution of clean water for functions and hotels. This will provide income for group members. The group will be closely supervised by the site director and be fully trained in safe operation and maintenance of the equipment.

The farm machine is also expected to attract a more energetic and youthful population into farming and assist in food production for school farms to supplement school feeding programs.

Note: A driver will be trained and assigned to be responsible for the tractor and one staff member will be trained on how to use the tractor and see that it is maintained. The Sisters will oversee the operation of the tractor and have it parked at the convent for security. The Sisters will ensure that no group will be favoured over others.

Project Objective: This project will purchase a community tractor to improve food security for the Asembo community by increasing the amount of land that can be used for agriculture. It is hoped that involvement of the Aminika youth group will not only help them better their own farm outputs, but knowledge acquired by running this business and making community connections will hopefully bring further job opportunities for them into the future.

The group will charge a small fee for their service and the community members will receive the use of this much-needed equipment at a cost they can afford, which will increase food harvests for everyone.

This project will assist 856 sponsored and 5012 non-sponsored community members for a total of 5868 total beneficiaries.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $68,304.62

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.


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