Project Location: Mikinduri, Kenya
Project Type: Education, Nutrition, and Community Development
Project Code: KMM0220

Background: Chalice started its sponsorship program in Mikinduri in 2008 and supports more than 670 sponsored children.

KMM0220largeRun by the St. Jude Catholic Sponsorship Program, the site is managed by a board of trustees comprising six members, who directly supervise the site director. Their vision and mission is to help alleviate the effects of poverty by providing sponsorship to poor children.

Orphans, vulnerable girls, and teenage mothers who have lost their parents and guardians, face numerous challenges including lack of the most basic needs. This is especially critical for those left to care for younger siblings or young mothers with small babies. For the most part, they lack reliable skills or education to help them attain decent jobs to earn income; or to run successful enterprises.

The site has observed that these vulnerable girls and teenage mothers primarily desire to become self-reliant in terms of their social and economic needs. The site has an urgent desire to provide support to these young girls, so they in turn can support their young ones or siblings.

This program will support the most needy so they can pursue vocational training in various crafts to earn money to support them and their children/siblings.

Project Objective: This project will support 30 sponsored and 70 non-sponsored young women to pursue vocational training in various crafts to earn money to support them and their children/siblings namely dressmaking, hair and beauty, knitting and handwork, mat making, bead making, weaving, bakery, and hospitality management.

This program will also provide psychosocial support to the beneficiaries through continuous counselling and life skills training sessions to enhance the skills of the participants and to make them "employable". The young women will be provided with information on life skills, and awareness of various issues affecting teenage mothers and youth.

After their training, the women will receive a starter kit of equipment handbooks, and seed capital to help them launch their businesses. They will also be paired with mentors and coaches, and intern at similar businesses on weekends for at least a month after completing their training.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $79,296.00

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