Project Location: Pochaiv Site, Ukraine
Project Type: Water, Health, Community Development
Project Code: UPP0520A

Background: Run by "World for Children" organization, Pochaiv sponsor site was established in 1999 and is made up of 1990 sponsored children split among three sub sites.

Chalice community projects - School water purification, UkraineTheir mission is to serve people by helping them overcome poverty through education, formation of Chalice family circles, budget planning, and skills training. The site supports children in both large urban centres and small rural villages, where many of the families survive on small scale agriculture with limited incomes. Through Chalice programs, including the gift catalogue, Pochaiv site supports orphanages and many schools throughout the area.

There are currently 680 students attending Holoby Village School. The school's current water supply is non-potable due to high levels of nitrates, a large salt content, and hardness. The water quality further deteriorated over the past year due to the shallow depth of the well and the use of old, corroded piping. The school has been receiving insufficient funding due to high levels of inflation, rising prices, and ongoing military operations in the country. Very little funding is being allocated for repairs, which is why the school and local community are requesting the support of Chalice to upgrade the water supply.

UPP0520Alarge2Project Objectives: The goal of this project is to deepen the existing well from 80m (the standard 50 years ago) to 200m, providing better quality water to the students in the school. The water supply system will also be reconstructed, replacing old corroded piping that transports water into the school and cafeteria. A water purification system will be installed in the school, as well as properly filtered water fountains to supply drinking water for the students.

This project will benefit 680 students of the school, which includes 400 sponsored children. This project will also benefit 1600 family members and 2400 non-sponsored community members who use the school for meetings and other activities.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $55,426.00

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Community projects/programs that may arise.
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