Project location: Wa, Ghana
Project type: Education, Nutrition, Water
Project code: GWD1219

Background: Our Wadeaf sponsor site is run by Serve the Child Centre, a Catholic based humanitarian organization.

Chalice community projects - solar panels for model farm, Wa, GhanaThe site is located in the Upper West Region of Ghana. This site sponsors children in need and provides support to the families through provision of education, health care, nutrition, and community infrastructure. Most of the families make their living from farming in a region that has two seasons - a dry season from November to March, and a rainy season from April to October, resulting in major droughts and floods.

This sponsor site started in 1999 as a sub site under our Wa sponsor site with sponsorship only for children attending the School for the Deaf. On July 1, 2014 it became an independent site and currently sponsors 485 children, including those with hearing difficulties, differently-abled children, and those from very poor families.

Project Objective: This project will install high quality powered solar panels to irrigate a five-acre model farm to train the community on smart agricultural practices. The solar panels will be mounted on the farmland and provide power to a borehole well which will supply reliable and clean water to irrigate the farm. Channels will be dug and pipes and sprinklers will be placed throughout the farm to supply water to the crops. The model farm will help students learn about modern climate-smart agricultural practices in vegetable production. This project will directly benefit the 407 students at Wa School for the Deaf, as well as students from the surrounding schools who wish to visit the solar powered demonstration farm for learning purposes all year round. It will also benefit the surrounding communities, as there will be vegetables throughout the year, as well as open days for training purposes.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $16,452.74

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Community Projects/Programs that may arise.
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