Project Location: Saidia Site, Gilgil, Kenya
Project Type: Water
Project Code: KGS1019

Background: The Saidia sponsor site in Kenya is located in Gilgil town.

KSG1019large2Set up in 2004, the site caters to the needs of many abandoned and vulnerable children.

Gilgil is a male dominated town. There are two major army barracks in the town - Kenyatta Barracks and Five Fighters Barracks. There are a large number of commercial sex workers in the town and a significant number of abandoned children. There are also several slums, namely Bondeni, Kambi Somali, Kanjo, Langa Langa, Site and Syndicate.

Most of the parents and other family members of our sponsored children work as casual labourers. The males work at construction sites and in the transport business (motorcycle, bicycle); the women often carry out casual jobs such as washing clothes for people, farm labour work, and selling local produce in the marketplace.

Most sponsored children attend Gilgil Township Primary Schoool (student population of 798 children, of which 123 are sponsored) which has one of the most successful school feeding programs in the area. The school greenhouse, funded by Chalice, produces vegetables both for sale and consumption at the school throughout the year. The excessive rains which affected the area did not affect production in the greenhouses.

Due to the successful programs at the school, the Ministry of Education has ensured that Gilgil Township has adequate government teachers. The Community Development Fund (a government program), has also renovated four classrooms at the school.

Project Objective: This project will construct a 100,000 litre-capacity underground water reservoir designed to maintain and sustain school gardens and greenhouses at the school throughout the year. This Township School had been neglected by the government and local NGO's working in Gilgil, but school feeding transformed the school and brought a change in attitude. The underground water reservoir brings development to the school, making it visible for future government assistance in different areas. This water reservoir will help ensure the success of the ongoing school feeding program. The school will be able to sell any excesss vegetables, resulting in school improvement projects such as more textbooks, painting and repairs of the rundown classrooms, and purchasing good quality desks for children.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $19,900.00

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other Community Projects/Programs that may arise.
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