Project Location: West Asembo, Kenya
Project Type: Water
Project Code: KAL0919

Background: The Chalice site in Asembo was formed in 2011 and is currently managed by Franciscan Sisters of Lwak community.

Chalice community project - provide water for West Asembo, KenyaIt is located in one of the poorest areas - heavily reliant on agriculture which is negatively impacted by low and unpredictable rainfalls year round. There are many orphaned and vulnerable children due to the high exposure to HIV and AIDS, as well as malaria.

In addition to running our sponsor site in East Asembo, the Franciscan Sisters live in West Asembo, where they run a number of facilities including a hospital, primary and high school for girls, nursery school, primary school for both girls and boys, and catering school. These facilities, along with the Sisters' convent and all the families in the surrounding community, suffer from a lack of a consistent supply of water and access to clean water. For most of the families, it is a fight for survival, with a large number of families barely able to meet their most basic needs. Many children are forced to take on the role of parents and there are reported cases of abuse of children by their immediate caregivers - most of whom are extremely poor and are frustrated by the extra responsibilities. The water shortage creates many problems for the schools, hospital, convent, and the families living in the community.

Thanks to the support of donors we are close to completing a large water project in East Asembo to bring clean water to 4100 people. Now the Sisters have requested help from Chalice to provide a consistent and clean supply of water in West Asembo by drilling a borehole and installing a pump and water tanks on their land. The water will be piped to the convent, schools, hospital and the nearby community. The congregation and the community, including the families, will contribute funds. The funding requested from Chalice is $52,449.00.

Project Objective: This project is designed to create an adequate and consistent water supply to the institutions and surrounding communities. It will reduce the spread of water borne diseases, increase the level of personal and environmental hygiene, and improve small scale farming outputs through irrigation. There will be valuable time savings for the children who must haul water from the lake and cost savings for the hospital and households who are forced to pay for water during certain periods of the year.

Budget in Canadian funds: $52,449.00

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Community Projects/Programs that may arise.
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