Project Location: Saint Dominique, Haiti
Project Type: Comm. Dev.
Project Code: HDT1119

Background: For about two months, Haiti has been facing one of the darkest periods in its history.

Haiti disaster fund - fencing around St. Dominique OrphanageThe country is suffering from violent protests, robberies and roadblocks which are occurring due to an increase in fuel prices. There have been widespread demands for the resignation of the president.

In the current environment, Haitians are experiencing very significant increases in the prices of all their basic needs. The increase in food prices results in more hunger and drives people to more violent behaviors. The violence has escalated to the point where people are being robbed, raped, and even killed when travelling the main roads.

For Saint Dominique Orphanage, with 85 boys and girls, all of whom are sponsored by Chalice, the risk has dramatically increased. The property has a very inadequate fence around the perimeter providing little or no protection. The boys and girls are at great risk whenever they leave the orphanage to go outside. During the past three weeks, strangers have been seen wandering around the property and requests to police for assistance have not been answered due to a lack of vehicles to patrol the area. Fortunately, until now, none of the orphans have been harmed, but it is felt the risk is high and it is only a matter of time. The kids are being impacted emotionally because of the fear they have of being harmed.

The orphanage has requested financial assistance from Chalice to erect a concrete wall around the perimeter to provide protection for the orphans in this violent time in Haiti. Total cost of the structure will be $16,447 and the need is urgent.

Funding Request: $16,447.00

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects that may arise.
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