Project Location: Nanyuki (Naromoru), Kenya
Project Type: Community/Health
Project Code: KBG0919

Background: Baraka sponsor site is located in Nanyuki town, Laikipia County in central Kenya.

Gitero Primary School Dining Hall - Chalice Community ProjectsThe site is run by priests of the congregation of Carmelites or Mary Immaculate (CMI) from India, and assists both rural and urban-poor sponsored children, their families and communities in meeting their life needs and affirming their place in a community of caring relationships. In 2014 the Missionaries expanded their activities and services to an area known as Naromoru, where this project is located.

While education is the foundation on which the site was created - adequate food, good health and security for all families are of paramount importance. The site has implemented the Direct Family Funding sponsorship model which deposits sponsorship funds directly into the bank accounts of caregivers. Sponsorship, assistance from the Chalice nutrition program and the benefits from the eRoots farming project have contributed to improvements in nutrition, education and family income.

Gitero Primary School is a mixed day primary school with 342 students, including 193 boys and 149 girls. In May 2019, Chalice constructed a much-needed kitchen for the school, and all the students and the school community are using this modern kitchen with gratitude. The new kitchen is clean and smoke free, however, there is no place for the children to eat. Students are forced to eat their school lunch outside on the ground. When it's dry, they eat in a dusty environment and when it's raining the children are forced to eat on muddy and wet grounds. In both situations, the food is exposed to dirt and contamination.

This project is to construct a primary school dining hall with a seating capacity of 350 persons. The cost of construction will be $36,291.

Project Objectives: This project will provide a clean and hygienic dining space for children of Gitero Primary School. A clean environment will prevent diseases and promote good hygiene, resulting in improved class attendance and academic performance. The dining hall will also be used as a school hall for different functions including school assemblies, drama, plays, music festivals, PTA meetings, Parents' Day meetings, etc. During holidays and weekends, the school can rent out the facility for weddings and social gatherings and earn some income to help maintain the facility.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $36,291.

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Please note that any funds that exceed the amount will be used to fund other Commuity Projects/Programs that may arise.
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