Project Location: East Asembo, Kenya
Project Type: Water
Project Code: KAO0619

Background: The Asembo sponsor site was formed in 2011 and is currently managed by Franciscan sisters Lwak.

Chalice Community Projects - Water project, Asembo, KenyaThere are 422 children who are either orphaned or considered vulnerable living around the lake region of East Asembo. This area is highly prone to malaria and exposure to a high levels of HIV and AIDS. All the children enrolled in the program live with their close relatives, most of whom are elderly women and men. Some of the parents of the children are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.

Headed by Sister Miriam, the site office is blessed with staff members who have a passion for serving the community and working with children. The core mission and values of Chalice's partners in Asembo is to embrace the society at large through helping those who are in need. They do this by spreading Christian values, education at all levels, economic empowerment, health and nutritional interventions. Ths site embraces educational support which is the foundation for a better and brighter future.

This project will assist the villages of Aduoyo and Kokise with a population of 4,100 which have been by-passed by the existing water connection from the nearest water treatment plant. This project will provide clean water for the communities and solve many problems associated with lack of water and water from unsafe sources. Six hundred families and three schools with a student registration totalling 1,108 pupils from Aduoyo Primary, Ongielo Primary and Kokise Primary Schools will benefit directly from this water source.

About 150 Chalice sponsored families stand to benefit directly from the community water connection. The water kiosks will be managed by Chalice family circle groups for income generation, from where the community will purchase water at affordable rates. Each kiosk and school will be provided with a billing system. The groups manning the kiosk and the schools will pay the water bills as per their consumption and the money collected will be used to maintain the water system. Individuals will be allowed to connect their homes from the drop lines at their own cost. The project will also improve the existing treatment plant through renovation and capacity building of service providers to improve efficiency, benefiting the people already using the system.

Project Objectives: This water project will bring clean water to 4,100 beneficiaires. Access to clean water will reduce water borne diseases like typhoid, amoebic dysentery and cholera, which currently affect children and adults in this area. This project will also improve sanitation and personal hygiene; create jobs for the community members who will be managing the water kiosks; and reduce the current time it takes to get water, ensuring children have more time to dedicate to their studies.

The community will contribute to this project by: donating space for waer kiosk installation, providing labour, running the service connection, providing way leaves where necessary, providing security for installed infrastructure, managing of water kiosks to ensuresustainability, and paying for further extensions of the water connections.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $239,352.00

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