Project Location: Yapacaní sponsor site, Bolivia
Project Type: Comm. Dev.
Project Code: BYY1218

Background: The Yapacaní sponsor site began in 2008 and currently has 968 children and seniors sponsored.

Chalice community projects repair sports complex and program support, BoliviaThe site is directed by a Salesian priest, Fr. Arturo Bergamasco.

Yapacaní is a small Bolivian town where 68% of the population lives in poverty. This area is home to major cocoa-leaf and cocaine production facilities and one of the greatest threats facing the youth in this region is the presence of drugs and alcohol. With the influence of substance abuse being so strong, in addition to education, there is a critial need for youth recreational activities.

According to a study conducted in 2016 by the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz and UNICEF, Yapacaní is among the municipalities with the highest prevalence of crimes against children and adolescents registered between 2012-2014. The sponsor site regularly deals with this reality through the work they do with beneficiaries, and need additional program resources to continue their work effectively.

The Don Bosco Mini Sports Complex was built in 2004. It's not only the main center of sports and cultural events in Yapacaní, but in the province of Ichilo. In addition to sports, the complex hosts school music concerts, physical education, and graduation events.

This project will have a duration of one year, and include two broader areas of action:
1. Families: To receive training and support from a psychologist and the staff at the site (26% of costs).
2. Community: Repairs of the sports complex (74% of costs).

Chalice community projects - sports complex, BoliviaProject Objective: This initiative aims to support the work of the Chalice Yapacani sponsor site in dealing with this difficult reality of vulnerability and risk within our sponsored families and the greater community. The main objective of this program and construction project is to provide support to families and the greater community in Yapacaní, and reduce the vulnerability of children, adolescents, and youth of the site.

The project will offer an adequate and safe space for the development of different sports and community activities in Yapacaní, by doing necessary repairs in the sports complex of the Yapacaní parish. These repairs include the removal of the existing floor, installing a new floor with expansion joints, painting and delineating the courts, installation of supports, and installation of arches, boards, rings, and nets.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $50,718.00

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