Chalice Community Projects - Skills at Chalice, India
Project Location:
 Various sites, India
Project Type: Education
Project Code: IRR1217

Background: In India, consistent economic growth has resulted in an increase in job opportunities.

Sadly, a large section of the youth and women who are educationally marginalized never get to avail of these opportunities due to lack of employable skills. Skill development often takes place informally in the workplace through assisting parents, relatives, and employers. With no formal certificate, they earn lower wages and are too often exploited by employers.

Skills @ Chalice is a developmental initiative started by Chalice in 2012. Due to the success of this program, Chalice became more directly involved using project funds in January 2017. The skills provided are designed to match market demand and ensure sustainable livelihood opportunities for unemployed youth and women in the age group of 19-45 years, and coming from families of both sponsored and non-sponsored children. To date, the majority of trainees have been women. This program grants certificates covering a variety of practical skills and trades. The selected candidates receive four months of training and then have the opportunity to enter into the job market with basic entry level skills which help them to earn a fairer wage. The initiative includes selection and training of trainers, mobilization of candidates, training in theory and practical, and development of life skills. There are guest lecturers and exposure trips, performance appraisals, on the job training, support for job placement or self-employment, and post-placement support. Prospective employers have an opportunity to input into the curriculum. There is no charge for candidates.

The first phase of this project has been a great success, with over 54% of the 1580 graduates already finding work either through placement or self-employment, and another 14% moving on to higher studies. The statistics are very favourable to those of other organizations who seem to put more emphasis on the number of individuals trained while Skills @ Chalice is designed to ensure that graduates are skilled and ready to be productive immediately at their place of employment. This is very attractive for employers, as there is no downtime when the new employee begins.

Building on this success, Chalice has approved a second phase for this project.

Project Objectives: The second phase is designed to train another 1430 candidates during the period October 2018 and December 2019. This phase will involve the same six sponsor sites as the first phase and each sponsor site director will have responsibility for the program at their site. The trades covered will be Tailoring, Electrician, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Tally (financial software program), Spoken English, Singarimalien (beating of traditional drums), and Mobile Servicing and Application Development. Mobile training centres will be capable of moving from village to village as the demand dictates. The program will be subject to ongoing review, and modifications completed based on the learnings from prior phases. Total cost will be $82,515.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $82,515.00

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