Project Location: Ternopil, Ukraine
Project Type: Comm. Development
Project Code: UTT0619

Background: Opened in 1998, the Ternopil Site is administered by World of Children Foundation, with Luba Tsytsyk as Director.

UTT0619entranceThe site is committed to improving quality of life and promotes spiritual growth of sponsored children and their families by providing material assistance and opportunities for social development through delivery of nutritious food, clothing, and educational, psychological, and medical care. There are currently 1950 sponsored children spread out around the region, in over 400 communities. Most come from large, poor or low income families that cannot provide for, or give adequate care to, their children. Many children are being raised by elderly grandparents.

The ongoing economic instability in the country affects people enormously. There is a lack of infrastructure and jobs, and little hope. Most families survive on small subsidiary farms. Young people are leaving in search of jobs and a better life. Villages are shrinking and disappearing. The few lucky people with a job often do not get paid UTT0619entrance1for many months and earn minimal wages while professionals, including university trained teachers, earn only slightly higher. Desperation and poverty can lead to abuse of alcohol and drugs, resulting in a whole new level of despair. It is difficult to see the children in this poverty and imagine their future.

All children of school age have access to education. However the lack of state funding has resulted in the deterioration of buildings with many schools in need of capital repairs and everyday school materials. The Pidvolochysk Community Center is over 100 years old and the classrooms have not been upgraded for decades. All of the electrical wiring is faulty; rooms have damaged floors, uneven walls and ceilings, and a broken gutter system has caused mold.

UTT0619floorThis project will repair the dilapidated gymnastics and choreography classroom, tourism classroom, arts and crafts room, the front entrance hallway, washrooms, utility room, and also repair the guttering system and entirely replace the electrical wiring in the whole building. No repairs have been done on the electrical wiring in years. Old electrical cables often do not withstand the power load and they often smoke, sparkle, and light up, posing serious danger to the children.

Total cost of the project will be $62,828.65. Funds have been contributed by the Pidvolochysk Town Council in the amount of $15,200 with Chalice being asked to contribute the remaining $47,628.65 CAD.

Children and youth residing in Pidvolochysk and surrounding villages need a safe space for their extracurricular UTT0619gutteractivities. Thanks to this project, 700 talented children will be able to develop their talents and skills, and have fun in a clean and safe environment.

Project Objectives: This project will provide 700 children from the community and surrounding area with a comfortable and safe facility for extracurricular activities. The repairs include: replacing the dangerous electric wiring in the building, repairing the gutter system to eliminate penetration of moisture and fungus into the classrooms, refurbishing classrooms (gymnastics and choreography classroom, tourism classroom, arts and crafts room) to make them suitable for the children, and remodeling the front entrance hallway, washroom, and utility room to eliminate hazards and meet the needs of the children to be educated in a safe space.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $47,628.65

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects that may arise.

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