Project Location: Luis Amigó, Guatemala
Project Code: HDP GLA1023

Many families in our Luis Amigó site are food insecure. This places many children, especially the youngest, at risk for malnutrition and anemia, as well as the consequences they can have on a child's healthy development.

Luis Amigó Nutrition 2023-2024, Guatemala

The site works in the agricultural community of Andrés Girón. Most families earn their living through cultivating corn, sesame seeds and cutting firewood. But changing climate conditions are affecting their harvests, and work opportunities are dwindling. Parents are unable to cover the basic needs of their children. In these circumstances, many children do not have a healthy diet, resulting in malnutrition, anemia, and other health concerns.

To combat this, with the support of Chalice donors, the site set up the Andrés Girón Community Dining Room. For more than ten years, the dining room has served children a balanced diet, helped them restore weight, and improved their nutritional status. In the past year, approximately 90% of the children reached a healthy BMI and overcame anemia. Their parents were also active participants, engaging in training workshops about nutrition and childcare which helped prevent relapse. The children also received medical attention and dental treatment. 

Encouraged by these results, and motivated by the needs of new children, the Luis Amigó team is partnering with Chalice to run the program for the upcoming year. The program will once again serve nutritious lunches five days a week to 50 vulnerable boys and girls from the Andrés Girón community. The staff will evaluate the nutritional status of children every six months to check on their progress, manage challenges, and have a greater long-term impact. The nutritionist will offer guidance for parents and there will be deworming days.

The program will also focus on empowering their mothers to handle health, nutrition, and mental health issues, extending the benefits to their whole family. The staff will run workshops on topics such as preparing nutritious vegetable dishes, hygiene and food handling, child development, conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships. The mothers will also be encouraged to get involved with planting and keeping an organic garden that will help supply produce for the lunches.

The year’s budget of $34,999.98 CAD includes fresh and non-perishable foods such as 384 lb. rice, 240 lb. hot cereal mix, 288lb beans, 144 lb. pasta, 2544 lb. corn, 2400 lb. of beef, meat, and chicken. This also includes all necessary fresh dairy products (cheese, milk), fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs. There is also a small monthly stipend for the two mothers who are cooks. 

Your support will help 50 children (including 20 sponsored children) enjoy a healthy nutritional status and develop strong bodies and active minds. It will also help their mothers grow in skills and knowledge to care for all their children’s long-term health.

Budget in Canadian Funds:  $34,999.98 CAD

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