Project Location: Goa, India
Project Code: CP IGH1222

In our Goa site, many families of sponsored children live in unsafe, temporary houses. Their living conditions are unsanitary, and there is often pollution in the environment.


These factors make them vulnerable to disease. Their lightweight walls and roofs will buckle in monsoon winds and rains.

The parents cannot afford to improve their homes because there is widespread unemployment. Most rely on low-wage, casual work – for which there is fierce competition. 

The Goa site has identified 23 families who are in most need of a new, sturdy, clean home. The families were nominated by the Chalice family circles in their neighbourhoods. Among the families, there are 54 children (22 sponsored) for a total of 91 people. Twenty of the families rely on daily wage work, while the others work as a tailor, driver, or security guard.

Each 21.78 m2 brick home will have a main living area, kitchen, and indoor bathroom. Each will be wired for electricity.

The $151,842.46 CAD budget for the six-month building project includes all building materials and labour for the excavation, masonry, construction, plumbing and electrical work.

Budget in Canadian Funds:  $151,842.46 CAD

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