Project Location: Kenya
Project Code: HDP KNN0423

Our Nairobi sponsor site is in the urban informal housing neighbourhoods of Kenya’s capital city. Chalice has sponsored children in the area since 1996. The Institute for Law & Environmental Governance (ILEG) have been directing the site since 2018.  .

Chalice community projects -  Nutrition Support and Health Monitoring for Children in the Slums of Nairobi, Kenya

The site currently has 730 sponsored children living in makeshift homes in neighbourhoods with no services, utilities, clean water, or sanitation. Many families struggle with food insecurity and malnutrition. 

There are two schools that particularly concern the Nairobi site staff: Rehema Daycare and Orphanage center and Muslim Primary. Rehema Daycare and Orphanage centre has 362 children. At Muslim Primary, they have a class dedicated to 35 children with cerebral palsy.  

Both schools have seen an increase in cases of malnutrition in their students. Poor health is affecting their growth and development, they are unable to concentrate in class, and their attendance is spotty. 

The Nairobi site has therefore partnered with Chalice to provide nutrition support at both schools. They will buy bulk quantities of staple food items and deliver them to Rehema. This delivery will include 4500 kg of dry maize/cereals, 2700 kg of red beans, 2500 kg of rice, 90kg of sorghum, and 540 kg of green grams (mung beans). 

The staff will create hampers of essentials for the parents of Muslim Primary’s 35 students. Each hamper will include 2 kg each of millet, green grams and sorghum flour, 6kg of maize flour, 5kg of rice, oil, salt, sugar, fruits and vegetables. 

Throughout the year, the staff will monitor the schools’ attendance register and the students’ performance. They will work with a nutritionist to conduct annual checkups on the children’s BMI and major nutrition indicators.

Parents of children with cerebral palsy need to be aware of their children’s unique dietary needs. Calcium and other vitamins are important to maintain their bone density. The nutritionist will conduct a workshop for the 35 families, covering topics such as the role of nutrition in physical growth and development, nutrition for children with physical disabilities, types of food groups and their importance, and cooking methods for optimum nutrition.  

The budget for this 9-month program is $14,498.33 CAD. This includes all the food for Rehema and the 35 hampers and the workshop for parents. 

Your support for this program will help 397 students (including 169 Chalice sponsored children) increase their concentration and alertness in class, perform better. In turn, there will be reduced absenteeism from school and reduced hospital visits due to malnutrition related illnesses. In short, 397 happy and playful children.

Budget in Canadian Funds:$14,498.33 CAD

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