Project Location: Zambia
Project Code: CP ZKK00722

Our Kawambwa sponsor site spans two northern provinces of Zambia, centred in the town of Kawambwa. In 1997, Chalice partnered with the Sisters of the Child Jesus to run our sponsorship program. 

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The sponsorship program is run in two schools, St. Mary’s and St Odilia’s, for children with visual impairments and/or albinism. There are very few schools like them in northern Zambia. 

First opened on Catholic church property in 1962, St. Odilia’s was originally meant to be a primary school only. In later years, it began running secondary grades as well – but the physical infrastructure never expanded along with the enrollment.

St Odilia’s school population is rising as more children with unique needs seek out a quality education from surrounding towns and provinces.  Currently there are about 500 students attending daily, 210 of whom have Chalice sponsors. There are 26 teachers on staff.

The classrooms are crowded. The classrooms also act as storage areas and lockers for books, braille and other equipment. Cramped and uncomfortable, the children have difficulty focusing. Their teachers find it difficult to give the students the individual attention they need. The teachers resort to using the library, labs, and recreation hall for important school activities.

The Kawambwa sponsor site has therefore partnered with Chalice to construct a new 210 m2 single-level block for St. Odilia’s. The concrete building will contain three classrooms with two small offices in between. 

The total budget for this six-month construction project is $67,197.05 CAD. This includes all the building materials, roofing, carpentry, metal works, glazing and painting, and labour.

Your support will ensure that 526 students and teachers, including 210 sponsored children, will have clean, spacious, and airy classrooms, accommodating students of all abilities.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $67,197.05 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects that may arise.

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