Project Location: Tondo, Philippines
Project Code: HDP PTT0223

For families in our Tondo site, dental health is not well-understood or prioritized. As a result, dental disease is prevalent in both the children and parents. The issue is second only to malnutrition.

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Our Tondo sponsor site is in the Tondo slum near Manila’s busy container port. Chalice has partnered with BYSMP Bless the Children Foundation Inc. to run our sponsorship program here since 2014. The sponsor site’s central office --known as the “Centro”-- runs activities during the school year and over the summer holidays.

To combat the issue of poor oral health, the site has been running their “Zero Cavities” program for four years. In that time, the children’s oral health has improved significantly. There were a few setbacks during the pandemic lockdown hiatus, but progress has been steady since it resumed. 

As of February 2023, 471 sponsored children have completed dental procedures done while 1278 children are in different stages of ongoing procedures. Everyone receives ongoing check-ups every four to six months. 

Siblings of sponsored children have also received treatment, oral rehabilitation and ongoing treatments as needed. Even some unique cases for parents have been addressed. The Tondo site also has a Dental Home Program which ensures all children, even babies, receive care.

The Tondo site has created their plan for Zero Cavities- Phase III. Through this 12-month program, they will continue performing oral check-ups for 1800 sponsored children and their 1813 family members.  

They will also continue their program of engaging, youth-led workshops about oral health topics. These include proper toothbrushing, oral care for infants and teething children, health maintenance/decay preventions, nutrition, and the importance of attending dental appointments. 

The budget for this one-year program is $45,530.26 CAD. This includes all the regular preventative care services as well as case-specific procedures such as tooth extractions, restorative work, and dentures. This budget also covers the dentist and dental assistant’s salaries and their PPE.

Through your support, Zero Cavities Phase III will help 3613 children and their families grow up with healthier mouths and bigger smiles.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $45,530.26 CAD

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