Project Location: Madurai, India
Project Code: CP IMM0622

Chalice has partnered with the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod (Madurai provincialate) in rural, urban, and remote tribal communities of Tamil Nadu since 1997.

Chalice community projects - Construction of 35 new houses, Madurai, IndiaThe Madurai site supports both children and seniors in four sub-sites. Families in the area face high rates of illiteracy (especially among women), unemployment, and HIV/AIDS.

Housing is a major issue. Continuing the success of our 2021 housing project in the Madurai site, which completed 25 family homes, this project will assist another 35 families with new houses and washroom facilities. Members of the local Chalice family circles have identified and nominated the families living in one of four communities who are most in need of proper housing and toilets. Currently, these families are either living in a rented house or in a tiny hut. They have no latrine facilities. The family circles' selection criteria took into account the families' level of poverty, current living conditions, and their level of risk in times of extreme weather or natural disasters. The nominated families can also provide documents showing their rights to their land and are willing to contribute a small amount to their home's construction cost (either monetarily or in-kind). The final list of families has 25 households with Chalice-sponsored children, and 10 who do not.

Each household averages four people, but some have up to nine members. Amont the 148 people who comprise the families, there are 80 children - more than half of whom are girls.

The income-earners of each of the families have informal, low-wage work - more than 60% are agricultural labourers. Another 20% make their livelihood with fishing and fishery-related work. They earn enough for their families' daily needs, but the cost of a new house and latrine is beyond their means.

The families are spread among four of the communities our Madurai sponsor site serves. Given the communities' different environments and terrains, the construction plan for the houses in each community will be slightly different. The homes will be between 236 ft² and 261ft² including a kitchen, hall, and attached washroom facility on the rear wall. They will be constructed of concrete brick walls with tin roofs. Parents will contribute to their homes in-kind by providing some voluntary labour and contributing what construction materials they can.

The total cost for all 35 homes is $224,129.87 CAD, which includes all the construction labour and materials, a brief orientation meeting for the families, and any small overhead costs.Each home therefore costs approximately $6,403 to build. This amount has been offset by the in-kind contributions of the families, which has an estimated total value of $24,919 CAD. Your support will bring dignity, security, and hygiene to 148 people most in need, and safe, clean spaces for 80 children to grow up in.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $224,129.87 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects that may arise.

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