Location: Pochaiv
Project Code: HDP UPP0622

Pochaiv sponsor site was initially established in partnership with World of Children in 1999. As of 2022, the site partner is Chalice Family Ukraine under Roman, the new site director. The site consists of 1865 sponsored children in three sub-sites.

Chalice Human Development Projects - Chalice Children Nutrition, Cañete, Peru

All sponsored families in Ukraine are feeling the impact of the conflict in their country. Before the war, families had lost their jobs and incomes in the pandemic shutdowns; the support of Chalice sponsors has been a lifeline during these times.  Now in the midst of an ongoing national emergency, families in our Pochaiv site are struggling with a steep increase in the price of basics, such as school supplies. 

The site staff are impressed that the children still have a strong desire to learn and attend school, even amid the crisis in their country. But they also understand that about a quarter of sponsored children’s families will not be able to equip them for school. Children who do not have the necessary supplies will not be able to fully engage with their lessons and run the risk of falling behind. 

Last year, Chalice supporters provided 600 of the most vulnerable students in Pochaiv site with school supplies. Thanks to this, the children from the humblest households could study and succeed alongside their peers.

This year, the site will help 480 students who are most in need with additional family funding. This will be for purchasing school bags and other essential school supplies that help the students fully participate in all their subjects. The Pochaiv site will transfer the funds to the child’s sponsorship bank account, and their parent or guardian will buy the items their child needs. More than 90% of the guardians are their mothers or grandmothers. The site staff hope that the assisted families will feel the support of their Chalice sponsors and feel more protected. 

Budget in Canadian Funds: $32,695.82 CAD
Project Code: HDP UPP0622

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