Project Location: Tamil site, India
Project Code: CP ITT0622

Continuing the success of our 2021 housing project in the Tamil site, which completed 31 family homes, this project will assist another 35 families with a new home.

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Chalice has partnered with the Kumbakonnam Multipurpose Social Service Society (KMSSS), the social service wing of the Diocese of Kumbakonnam, since 1999. The site supports children and families in more than 300 villages in the state’s five regions. Families struggle with marginalization, lack of sanitation, and poor health. A driving factor behind these challenges is a lack of adequate housing and toilet facilities. Families without their own home can face social stigma, and without latrines, do not have a hygienic place to meet their needs. This spreads disease and keeps children home from school.

Continuing the success of our 2021 housing project in the Tamil site, which completed 31 family homes, this project will assist another 35 families with a new home. The site staff, following the recommendations of Chalice family circles, have identified 22 sponsored and 13 non-sponsored families who are in most need of proper housing and latrine facilities. Their current homes are either damaged or lack sanitation facilities. Each household averages five people, with some up to eight or ten members. Among the 169 people who comprise the families, there are 95 children and 75 adults.

The income-earners of each of the families have casual low-wage work; half are daily wage workers, more than one-third are agricultural labourers, and the remaining hold jobs such as drivers, shop workers or woodcutters. They earn enough for their families’ daily needs, but the cost of a new home is beyond their means.

The houses will be constructed in one of two layouts, depending on the size of the family’s property. 26 families have a plot of land which has a breadth of at least 15 ft and will follow the same design. The remaining nine families will have their design plans modified to suit a smaller property size.

The majority of the houses will be 212.5 ft ² including a washroom, kitchen, and main room. They will be constructed of concrete bricks, with reinforced windows and doors. Each home will be fully wired with electricity, including a ceiling fan in the main room.

Parents will contribute to their homes in-kind by providing some voluntary labour and contribute what construction materials they can. The families will also receive education about good hygiene practices and home cleanliness, which will help limit the spread of illnesses and keep their homes well cared for.

The total cost for all 35 homes is $230,595.71 CAD, which includes all the construction labour and materials, and the hygiene workshops with the new homeowners. Each home therefore costs approximately $6588.00 CAD to build. This amount has been offset by the in-kind contributions of the families, which has an estimated value of $12,889 CAD.  Your support will bring dignity, security, and hygiene to 169 people in most need, and give 95 children a safe place to study and grow. 

Budget in Canadian Funds: $230,595.71 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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