Project Location: Nandom, Ghana
Project Code: GNN0621

Background: Chalice opened the Nandom sponsor site in 2007, partnering with Serve the Child Centre, a church-based charity organization managed by lay people. The site is named for the town where it's based, a small community in the far northwestern corner of the country. The majority of the families are farmers who depend on rain-fed agriculture, but the dry seasons have been getting longer, and the fertile rainy seasons shorter.

This leads to food insecurity. Nandom site focuses on helping parents meet their children's school, health, and nutrition needs - both sponsored and non-sponsored.

Nandomkpee is a farming village with a population of about 800. Their village has no nursery school, also known as creches, which means that very young children are walking, or being carried by their mothers, to the next village to attend school. With those challenges, many young mothers prefer to keep the children home until they are old enough to walk to school by themselves.

The Nandomkpee village Chiefs, leaders, and villagers therefore put forward a request to the Nandom sponsor site for a nursery school of their own. This will have many positive effects on the village. Firstly, it will help all children start school at the right age and ensure that all have equal access to the social and cognitive benefits of early childhood education. Additionally, all the children will receive a healthy meal at school, which will improve their nutritional status. The mothers will no longer need to worry about their young ones meeting with accidents on the road, and the freed time will allow them to pursue income-generating activities. Lastly, the site will partner with local community services to offer workshops to the parents about early childhood health and childcare techniques.

This plan will come about in two phases: first, they will construct the classrooms, administration block, and washrooms (two for adults and six for children). Second, they will drill a solar-powered borehole well, along with two large storage tanks, that will supply water for the school's washrooms, for cooking and cleaning.

The facilities will be maintained by the Nandomkpee Community Development Committee. Parents will contribute produce from their harvests and other food supplies for the school meal program, which will supplement donor funding. The community will provide, in kind, about $17,000 CAD towards the project by providing the property, unskilled labour, and security. They also paid for the plans of the project.

The total cost of this two-phased project is $108,139.00 CAD. This includes geophysical/hydrological surveys, the construction materials for the school facilities (itself about $65,300 CAD of the total), the drilling and construction of the borehole, testing, the solar materials, and the two 600-litre water tanks. When it is complete, it will be a place of happy childhood memories for 600 children, including 100 sponsored children.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $108,139.00 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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