Chalice COVID-19 relief in HaitiIn a year filled with social and political unrest causing food insecurity, violence, fuel shortages, and disease outbreaks, the people in Haiti were hit particularly hard by COVID-19. Our Saint Dominique Site located near Port-au-Prince has been doing its best to support 85 orphaned and/or abandoned children, but at times the outcome seemed bleak.

Robenson, the site director and all the staff were filled with relief when they heard about the support from Chalice donors through the COVID-19 emergency fund.

Beyond basic hygiene, hand washing, and limiting contact with those outside their walls, Saint Dominique had no sanitizers and dwindling food stores.

Thanks to their allocation of $4,828.33 from the disaster fund, staff obtained masks for all the school children as well as sanitizer and disinfectants. They were also able to install a water station in front of the residence and the school, ensuring the children had clean water to drink, preventing trips to the clinic. They purchased a lasting supply of food, fuel and charcoal to better ensure that they had regular access to nutritious meals, healthy foods, and juice.

Even though there is still much uncertainty in Haiti, the staff at Saint Dominique are feeling a measure of relief because the children have enough to eat and the staff can ensure a safe environment. "This COVID-19 relief fund is one of the most crucial sources of support we received," Robenson states. "We still have more to do, but at least it is a wonderful start. On behalf of all the children, thank you to all the Chalice Family members, our donors, and our great sponsors for helping us keep the children safe and healthy."

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